Mediation Covers Everything

The Mediation process is both comprehensive and flexible. It allows the agenda to expand or contract as needed. To start, Divorce and Separation Mediation always addresses each of the issues required by the law. These include:

  • Division of Property and Finances
  • Attorney and Expert Fees
  • Spousal Maintenance (also called Alimony)
  • Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support

However, one of the biggest advantages of Mediation is that it allows the time and the space to discuss anything that is important to you. Common issues that spouses discuss include schooling and discipline of children, current and future filing of taxes, relationships with friends and extended family, transportation, and more. Spouses often take the time to discuss their shared history, how the marriage broke down, and here they go from here.

While the courts require certain decisions to be made, you and your spouse control the agenda.