After The Mediation

Once the Mediation process ends, hopefully the parties have come to agreement. At this point, they have a number of options to consider. Ultimately, the Divorce or Separation will need to be filed with the courts in order to be enforceable and valid.

The Mediator can create a number of Agreements summarizing everything that the parties have decided. These Agreements represent the Terms of the couple's Divorce or Separation. If the parties chooses to have these Agreements created, they will receive both printed and electronic versions which they can forward to an attorney or use to begin preparing court paperwork.

For many spouses, the Mediator can prepare the vast majority of this court paperwork as well. If they prefer, they can have an attorney prepare this paperwork, or may prepare it themselves using forms supplied by the Unified Court System.

At some point, either one of the spouses or their attorney will need to file the paperwork with the court. The Mediator cannot perform this task. However, the Mediator can provide some guidance, and the Unified Court System has made instructions available.