Workplace Mediation is an effective and cost-efficient way for businesses to reduce the Cost of Conflict.

The Mediation process is both comprehensive and adaptable. It allows the agenda to expand or contract as needed. To start, the Mediator assesses what issues must be addressed according to the employer. These often include:

  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Inappropriate Language or Behavior
  • Mixing Personal and Professional Interests
  • Inappropriate Relationships
  • Productivity and Performance

First, the Mediator will join the employer for Initial Session. This is an opportunity to answer questions, to set guidelines per the employer's needs, and for the Mediator to help decide if the process is right for you. For example, Mediation isn't a good process if there is a criminal or civil lawsuit pending, if there is a history of violence, or if the participants have made serious threats against each other.

Next, the employees must agree to participate in the Mediation process. Mediation is voluntary, and no person can be ordered, forced, coerced, or threatened into participating or agreeing. Mediators are committed to allowing parties to make their own decisions.

Once the Mediation process ends, hopefully the parties have come to agreement. At this point, they have a number of options to consider. Ultimately, the employer will require some sort of understanding as to whether or not the process was effective.

The Mediator can create a written Agreement summarizing everything that the parties have decided. These Agreements represent a behavioral contract, and the employer might choose to make compliance with this agreement a condition of continued employment. If the parties chooses to have these Agreements created, both they and the employer will receive both printed and electronic versions.

Workplace Mediation is designed to be affordable. The costs are clearly defined and predictable, allowing businesses to choose exactly what they need and can afford. To maximize convenience for both the employer and the Mediator, each service may be invoiced as it is completed.

  • There is no cost for the Initial Consultation. Your business should feel comfortable with the process before committing to spend any money.
  • An Initial Fee of $300 covers all Pre-Work Appointments and one Mediation session. This one-hour session may be all that is needed.

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