Mediation Offers Flexibility

The Mediation process is both comprehensive and adaptable. It allows the agenda to expand or contract as needed. To start, the Mediator assesses what issues must be addressed according to the employer. These often include:

  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Inappropriate Language or Behavior
  • Mixing Personal and Professional Interests
  • Inappropriate Relationships
  • Productivity and Performance

However, one of the biggest advantages of Mediation is that it allows the time and the space to discuss anything that is important to the employees. While the ideal is to keep home and work concerns separate, in reality one often spills over into the other. Employees can work out a wide variety of issues, concerns, and events that are impacting their work life. 

The number and character of the employees involved can vary greatly, even between sessions. While two coworkers might work out their personal issues this week, next week their supervisor might join them for a discussion about job duties.

While an employer will require certain decisions to be made, the employees help to build the agenda.

The Pre-work Appointments and Mediation sessions may be held at the workplace for convenience, or at another location such as Third Way Conflict Resolution's offices for privacy.