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YELLOWbootSometimes, it can feel like Dispute Resolution professionals are working in a vacuum. Ours is a relatively new and unexplored field, as much art as science. Little or no research targeting our practice is out there to find, leaving each neutral to search for best practices.

One of the best ways to do this is to mine related fields: law, social work, counseling, education, and more have a rich history of data and experience that we can use to improve our practices. In this training, we use this data to look at the environment in which we practice.

YELLOWbootHave your Agreements started to all sound the same? Are your sessions stretching on longer and longer? Are you struggling to keep your parties on track, or to clarify their needs? Over time, every Mediator starts to fall into a rut, lose track of their tools, and accumulate a few bad habits. But there is good news! All is not lost. Even top-quality Mediators can benefit from a periodic tune-up, and our Boot Camp training is just the thing to get you back on track!

YELLOWsiblingsParenting Plan Mediation is fairly common throughout New York State, particularly at Community DIspute Resolution Centers. At some point in the discussion, though, finances inevitably come up. Can we afford the decisions that we're making? Who will pay what for each decision made? What will the courts have to say about all these decisions? These questions are pointing toward Child Support. Luckily, Mediators can be trained to answer all of these questions, and more!

YELLOWspeedThe power of the Mediation process is undeniable. Given unlimited time, energy, patience, and space, Mediators can help parties to achieve extraordinary outcomes. But... what happens when the real world intrudes? What happens to Mediation when you can't control the environment, when the process is pressed for time, or the parties are simply running on fumes? Can we still use our skills and tools to help in finding solutions? It turns out that yes, we can! With the proper training, Mediators have the ability to thrive in such conditions, and to serve our parties well!

YELLOWemotionNeutrals spend a great deal of time dealing with emotion. Our parties' conflicts are driven by the energy of high emotions, and those powerful forces are constantly present in the room. There as many ways to manage those emotions as there are practitioners. One thing that can make a real difference to the quality of our practice, though, is increasing our parties' emotional granularity.

This training offers the opportunity to learn why emotional granularity can benefit our parties, explain how the underlying biological processes work, expand our emotional vocabulary overall, and ultimately find out how to "tune in" our parties' feelings.

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