Solution-Focused Brief Mediation

YELLOWspeedThe power of the Mediation process is undeniable. Given unlimited time, energy, patience, and space, Mediators can help parties to achieve extraordinary outcomes. But... what happens when the real world intrudes? What happens to Mediation when you can't control the environment, when the process is pressed for time, or the parties are simply running on fumes? Can we still use our skills and tools to help in finding solutions? It turns out that yes, we can! With the proper training, Mediators have the ability to thrive in such conditions, and to serve our parties well!

This training is focused on building skills and streamlining the process, without sacrificing quality. Developed in municipal courts with a crowded docket, these tools and techniques have been field-tested and proven effective. It is possible to get parties from referral to a written Agreement in thirty minutes or less, and to do it with all of your Core Values intact. It is intended to widen the circumstances and environments in which Mediation can be deployed, adding maximum flexibility to the process that we offer our parties. This training has been selected as an Advanced Regional Training multiple times, and has been delivered across the State of New York.

In addition to a theory-based portion that looks back at Mediation's facilitative roots, the training includes a role-play component designed to test, absorb, and rehearse new approaches to Mediation. Participants are encouraged to think, question, discuss, and exchange ideas throught the training. This interactive approach enhances the quality of the experience for participants, and taps the wisdom of practitioners to enhance the practice as a whole! 

The training is eight hours, and the standard fee is $1,400 plus expenses.