Boot Camp for Mediators

YELLOWbootHave your Agreements started to all sound the same? Are your sessions stretching on longer and longer? Are you struggling to keep your parties on track, or to clarify their needs? Over time, every Mediator starts to fall into a rut, lose track of their tools, and accumulate a few bad habits. But there is good news! All is not lost. Even top-quality Mediators can benefit from a periodic tune-up, and our Boot Camp training is just the thing to get you back on track!

The initial portion of the training reviews the fundamental, Core Values of modern Dispute Resolution. If we aren't offering Safety, Neutrality, Voluntariness,  Self-Determination, and Confidentiality, then we aren't Mediating! We discuss what these mean in everyday circumstances, and how to ensure that we're making them a core part of our practice.

Next, the training reviews the basic, mechanical skills so essential to Mediation. Toolks like Active Listening, Reflecting, Reframing, Summarizing, and more are stressed, and looked at through the lens of several different Mediation orientations.

The skill-building continues with best practices, tips, and tricks for common situations that every Mediator faces. Explosive emotions, power imbalances, unproductive conversation, and seemingly permanent impasses can all be overcome with the right combination of confidence, know-how, and discipline.

Finally, the day ends with carefully written role-plays, offering the oppoortunity to stretch new muscles and receive immediate feedback to hone your practice. The entire training is interactive, encouraging questions, sharing, and discussion to keep participants engaged and knowledge at maximum.

The training is eight hours, and the standard fee is $1,400 plus expenses.