Brain Hacks for Neutrals

YELLOWbootSometimes, it can feel like Dispute Resolution professionals are working in a vacuum. Ours is a relatively new and unexplored field, as much art as science. Little or no research targeting our practice is out there to find, leaving each neutral to search for best practices.

One of the best ways to do this is to mine related fields: law, social work, counseling, education, and more have a rich history of data and experience that we can use to improve our practices. In this training, we use this data to look at the environment in which we practice.

Neutrals spend an enormous time training, learning, and disciplining our own behavior. We meticulously control our words, facial expressions, tone, body language, and more. However, seldom do we take a look at the space around us and consider its impact on our parties. In analyzing literature from fields as diverse as Psychology, Sociology, Advertising, Sales, Law, and Counseling, the training discovers factors that can give parties a real improvement in their chances of reaching a positive outcome.

Among other things, participants will learn advantages that can be gained from:

  • The color a room is painted
  • The art displayed on the walls
  • The ambient sounds parties can hear
  • Seating positions in a space
  • Scents and smells they encounter
  • How parties are greeted and checked in

Divided by the standard five human senses, the training is interactive, interesting, informative, and fun. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with the trainer and with each other, and will leave with knowledge and skills that can improve the spaces and places in which they work.

The training is two hours, and the standard fee is $350 plus expenses.