Calculations In A NotebookDivorce and Separation Mediation is designed to be affordable. Each part of the process is available separately from the others, allowing parties to choose exactly what they need and can afford. To ensure that a large balance does not accrue over time and surprise the parties, each service is paid for when it is provided.

In addition to making all of their own decisions during the process, the parties are encouraged and expected to provide all of their own information to the Mediator. This approach educates the parties, helps their understanding, offers maximum flexibility as far as time, and substantially reduces costs. After all, why pay someone by the hour to collect information that you already have at your fingertips?

The overall cost structure looks like this:

  • calculator and paperworkThere is no cost for the Initial Consultation. You and your spouse should feel comfortable with the process before committing to spend any money.
  • Mediation Workbooks are available to the parties as soon as they sign the Consent to Mediate and put down a Deposit for their first Mediation Appointment.
  • Mediation Appointments are charged at $150 per hour, and are typically one hour long.1 Most cases are resolved in 3-5 hours.
  • All-Virtual Appointments are the standard. Though in-person appointments may be available, scheduling is more constrained and there is an additional fee.
  • If you are referred by a Preferred Partner, such as the Resolution Center of Jefferson and Lewis County, additional discounts apply.
  • Mediation Agreements can be prepared at a cost of $200.2 Minor edits to these Agreements are included at no extra cost.
  • Court Paperwork can be prepared for $100.3
  • The Mediator may be able to act as Process Server for the parties, for an additional fee.

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